Raisingkids.co.uk quickly became a very popular site for parents from all over the world. Over 170,000 visitors each month viewed over a million pages of content and 125,000 parents became registered members. In 2008, Raisingkids was sold to The Walt Disney Company who sadly decided to close it in 2009.

 'One serious problem facing new parents is that their complicated little bundle doesn't come with any instructions. Raisingkids steps into the breach... Raisingkids is as soothing as sucking a dummy' Sunday Times

The Raisingkids.co.uk campaign Back To The Table was launched in 2004 and ran for the next five years. The campaign aimed to encourage families to eat together by highlighting the benefits of family mealtimes. The premise was simple; families that eat together eat better but they also communicate better and build stronger bonds.