Silent Nights (2008)  For some parents, getting their child to go to bed at all can be stressful, tiring and infuriating, while the prospect of them sleeping through the night may seem impossible. Silent Nights helps you find out what works, what doesn’t and expert techniques to overcome sleep problems.

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The  Haynes Teenager Manual: The Practical Guide for All Parents (2007) Now in paperback, this popular book provides just what you would expect - down-to-earth, step-by-step instructions, written from practical experience. It covers all areas of teenage life from physical and emotional development to education and social problems. To see the press release for this book, click here

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 The Parentalk Guide to Brothers and Sisters (2002) This book (co-authored with Victoria Richardson) it covers issues such as how to deal with the arrival of a new baby, squabbling, labeling, claims of favouritism and much more.

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Understand Your Family (Consultant Editor)  This book is a comprehensive review of the ways in which families work. It tackles understanding the stages of family change, such as new siblings, starting school, separation and divorce and learning to accomodate the needs of growing teenagers.